A violence encounter tool to get help and capture unsafe situations

Capture an incident with the press of a button. Alert your emergency contacts and provide them with a video and location livestream of the incident.

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Safe is a social impact venture founded to expose and mitigate injustice

All you need in an emergency at the press of a button

In dangerous situations, don't worry about recording an incident or alerting your friends. Instead, activate Safe and focus on your safety. We'll handle everything else...

A dozen actions in one button

With one button, Safe will livestream video from your phone's camera while tracking your location. In addition, your contacts get an SMS and phone call, and can see what's happening in real-time. All data is stored securely in the cloud.

Notify your friends & family

Choose up to three individuals to be your emergency contacts. They will be notified whenever you activate the Safe app and receive real-time information/updates on the incident.

We'll livestream & store everything

Your emergency contacts will be able to track your live location and watch a video stream of whats going on in real-time.

Accessible through your lock-screen

In an emergency, activate Safe directly from your lock screen by tapping on our widget.

Download everything after the fact

Download and view the data captured by Safe in sync. At any instant during the incident, obtain the phone’s battery life, exact location, state, and video frame.



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